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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

how to backup whatsapp data on google drive

welcome on true online first  All you need is an up-to-date WhatsApp app version, a Google account and the working Google Play services. If you haven’t received the update where
you can see the option to backup to Google Drive.
backup whatsapp data on google drive
backup whatsapp data on google drive

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp Settings → Chats and Calls → Chat Backup.

how to backup whatsapp data on google drive
backup whatsapp data on google drive
Step 2. Choose Backup to Google Drive → choose the frequency from “Only when I tap Backup,” daily, weekly or monthly.

Step 3. Choose the Google account to which you wish to upload the backup file. You can choose the one associated with your device, or you can add another one. Just remember where you uploaded that backup. Tap OK.

Step 4. Grant WhatsApp the permission to access your Google Drive account → Give Permission.

Step 5. Manage how WhatsApp upload the backup – over the available Mobile data plan or Wi-Fi only.

Step 6. Tap Back Up to upload the first backup file to your Google Drive. Depending on its size (the sheer volume of your chat history) as well as whether you have chosen to include the media files in the backup, the first upload might be lengthy. So, make sure you have a stable connection and a charger handy in case it takes longer than expected. You will see the progress bar as the upload continues.

how to restore :
To restore the chat history, you will need to use the same phone number and the same Google account you used to create the backup.

Step 1. Add the Google account to your device.

Step 2. Verify the same phone number with WhatsApp.

Step 3. When prompted, grant WhatsApp permission to restore your messages and media from Google Drive.

Step 4. Wait while the download is in progress. When prompted, tap Next and see your chat history in the app. After that is complete, the app will download your media files.hope all you enjoy it.don,t forget share with your friend.thank you.


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