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Friday, November 04, 2016

How to change position of taskbar in windows

How to change position of taskbar in windows.see this tutorial

Youtube: how to personalize windows taskbar
Keyword:change taskbar postion,easily change taskbar position,how to customize taskbar postion,customize windows taskbar,how to customize windows taskbar,কিভাবে টাস্কবারের পজিশন পরিবর্তন করবেন,কিভাবে টাস্কবার কাস্টমাইজেশন করবেন,কিভাবে উইন্ডোজের টাস্কবারে পজিশন পরিবর্তন করবেন
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to download youtube video without any software

Welcome on true online I will share How to download youtube video without any is it.Firstly, go to the or
particular video which you want to download. Copy video URL by selecting web address or you can also use shortcut key such as Ctrl + L or F6 to highlight the text of address bar, and then Ctrl + C to copy video URL.when Once this address has been copied, you need to open a website: and paste copied URL in text field.  After that click on Download Video button or select video quality and click on Download Button.
 You can do this shortly by add ss before for example
How to download youtube video without any software
 How to download youtube video without any software

free download youtube video,download youtube  video,Download youtube video with one click or without any software,কোন সফট্যায়ার ছাড়াই ইউটিউব ভিডিও ডাউনলোড করুন,ইউটিউব ভিডিও ডাউনলোড করুন সহজে,easy downlaod youtube video,one click download youtube video,কোন সফট্যায়ার ছাড়াই ইউটিউব ভিডিও ডাউনলোড করুন,how to download from youtube,how to download youtube video.

- See more at:
- See more at:

Hope now doesn,t have any problem for downloading youtube video.please share with your friend and leave a comment.thanks.

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new pc user tips and tricks(part -2)

new pc user tips and tricks(part -2)
tips include: to personalize taskbar to auto hide taskbar

Youtube=new pc user tips and tricks(part -2)


নতুন কম্পিউটার ব্যবহারী টিপ্স এন্ড ট্রিক্স,কিভাবে টাস্কবার পার্সোনালাইজ করবেন,কিভাবে টাস্কবার অটোহাইড করবেন,কম্পিউটার টিপ্স এন্ড ট্রিক্স,নিউ পিসি ইউজার টিপ্স এন্ড ট্রিক্স,new pc tips,new computer tips and tricks,how to personalize taskbar,how to auto hide taskbar,new computer user tips and tricks,new pc user tips and tricks(part-2),new pc user tips and tricks
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

how to trun off internet connection of friend pc

YOUTUBE=how to trun off internet connection of friend pc


বন্ধুর ইন্টারনেটের কানেকশন অফ করে দিন,কিভাবে কম্পিউটারে ইন্টারনেট ব্লক করবেন,কিভাবে কম্পিউটার ইন্টারনেটে ডিসেবল করবেন,কিভাবে বন্ধুকে ভয় পাইয়ে দিবেন,কিভাবে বন্ধুর ইন্টারনেট চালানো বন্ধ করে দিবেন,trun of pc internet,how to disable pc internet,how block internet,disable internet connection,block friend internet,hack internet connection,how to trun off internet connection of friend pc
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Some vlc palyer tricks

Welcome to true online you know  VLC  is maybe the most multipurpose video can use vlc player for multipurpose use.Here some tricks
for you…

Record Your Desktop:
VLC is able to record a video of your desktop, acting as a screen recorder.
Step 1: Open VLC Media Player.
Step 2: Then Press Cltr + N.
Step 3: Now Type “Screen://” (without quotes)
Click on Play & watch Interesting Tricks. To stop recording, click the Stop button.
vlc player tricks
                      Record Your Desktop
Take a Snapshot:
VLC has a way to take a Snapshot during playing a video.
Simply use the shortcut Shift + S on Windows and Linux operating system. The image will be saved in pictures folder.
vlc playerTake a Snapshot
            Take a Snapshot
more tricks for U:Some important usefull keyboard shortcart 
how to backup whatsapp data on google drive
 easily lock folder without software  
Play or Download Online Videos:
You can also play and download online videos in VLC. You can use trick to manipulate video playback or save them for future play.
Step 1: Go to Media > Open Network Stream(Ctrl + N).
Step 2: Press the Network tab, enter the URL of video which you want to play and click Play. To save it, instead of Play, select Convert
vlc Play or Download Online Videos
Play or Download Online Videos vlc
Thought all of above tricks enjoy you are.please share you think use full it.leave a comment if any problem.


ভিএলসি প্লেয়ার টিপ্স,ভিএলসি প্লেয়ার টিপ্স এন্ড ট্রিক্স,ভিএলসি প্লেয়ারের জটিল টিপ্স,ভিএলসি মিডিয়া প্লেয়ার টিপ্স, vlc tips and tricks,vlc palyer hot tips,vlc player hacking tips,vlc player video tips, Some vlc palyer tips and tricks,Some vlc palyer tricks
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How to create a new partition in Windows without format

Youtbue=How to create a new partition in Windows without format

how to create a new partition in Windows without format,make partion windows 7,increase harddisk space,formate windows harddisk,make harddisk virus free,make partion windows 8,make partion harddisk windows 10,সফটয়্যার পার্টিশন দি্ন,কিভাবে ফাইল না হারিয়ে পার্টিশন দিবেন,create partition without lossing file,কোন প্রকার সফটয়্যার ছাড়াই পার্টিশন দিন
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Some important usefull keyboard shortcart

Welcome to true online tips.toady I will share some usefulll keboard shortcart.if your mouse  had any problem or it destroid you can have to use keyboard.threre some usefull 
keyboard shortcart
usefull keyboard shortcart
keyboard shortcart

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert both are using to copy the selected text or item. If you want to cut text or item instead of copy press ctrl + X.

ALT+Tab/ALT+Shift: + Tab:
ALT + Tab is using to switch between all open programs or application moving forward and  ALT + Shift + Tab is using to switch between programs in moving backward.

Ctrl + S is using for saving documents or files in all programs. This key should be used frequently always when you are working important job.

Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y:
Ctrl + Z is using to undo recent changes. For example, if you have done some changes or delete item from file, pressing Ctrl + Z will Undo changes. Often you can also use this command multiple times. Pressing Ctrl + Y will redo the Undo.

Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert both are using to paste last copied text or item.

Ctrl+F: :
This key should be used frequently always when you are working important job.

Pressing Ctrl + Home will move the cursor at the beginning of program or document and Ctrl + End is using for moving the cursor at the End of program or file.

PageUp,PageDown and Spacebar:
Using either Press Up or Press Down button will move the page, one page at a time in the Up or Down Direction. When using or browsing the internet, press Space Bar to move the page down and press Shift + Space Bar to go up one page at a time.

After selecting a file or folder, F2 allows you to rename the file or folder.

Alt+F4 is using to close the opened program or item.

Hope,all are you enjoy this tips.don,t  forget for share.comment here if any suggestion.


কিবোর্ডের শর্টকার্টের ব্যাবহার,কিবোর্ডের শর্টকাটের ব্যবহারগুলি,কিবোর্ড শর্টকাটের ব্যবহার,কিভাবে কম্পিউটার কিবোর্ডের সাহায্যে ব্যবহার করতে হয়,কিবোর্ডের টিপ্স,usefull keyboard tips,keyboard tips and tricks,easy way of using keyboard,some keyboard tips and tricks,Some important usefull keyboard shortcart
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